Does the Earth need an alien invasion?

I make a point of staying away from controversial or political topics on this site. If it directly affects movie and TV then I may comment or add an opinion but for many other major newsworthy issues, there is enough of other people’s, usually better informed, opinions to read and comment upon.

The last three months have seen a lot of political and social upheavel though and it is difficult to avoid it. From Britain deciding to leave the EU, to the events in Orlando, more recently in Dallas and a whole host of other attacks, arguments and conflicts that are going on world-wide. Society, in certain parts of the world and within certain demographics, feels fractured.

An alien invasion could focus everyone’s efforts together

This post isn’t about who is right or wrong or what side people should take (again, I prefer to let other people, more informed, make their views clear) but this is more about coming together in a peaceful way and putting conflicts aside. Trying not to assign blame or be prejudice towards others but become more accepting or at least tolerant.

Of course, I’m not the first to say this and I’m certainly not the only one that feels this way and this post won’t change anything. I’m writing this because of the movie Independence Day: Resurgence.

In Independence Day: Resurgence the Earth is peaceful

For those that may be unaware, Independence Day is about aliens invading earth and trying to annihilate the humans. The bigger, world-wide threat forces the humans to come together, regardless of race, nationality or religion, and combine their efforts to fight a larger force. It works, humans win.

The sequel, Resurgence, is set twenty years later and in a world which is so concerned with the threats from space, the threat that could return at any moment to try to destroy the humans again, that there have been no conflicts between humans at all. In twenty years!

An alien invasion solves the world’s problems

This is science-fiction and completely imaginary but the idea of a bigger, world-wide threat bringing people together and maybe putting people’s issues, arguments and conflicts in perspective is a valid one. It is an interesting idea to be explored (and maybe that is what the film should have focused some more time on) and the way the world seems divided today, it could well be an answer to our problems.

Overall, I’m not trying to make light of what is happening around the world and the clashes which have cost lives. My view here is that if people focused all their efforts on solving one issue, a larger issue, then maybe they would gain some perspective and also respect for the people they are fighting against. Of course we don’t need an “alien invasion” but we do need something.

Tomorrow: Normal movie and TV posting will resume. 

It can’t be aliens but something else needs to bring everyone together

2 thoughts on “Does the Earth need an alien invasion?

  1. I saw the movie and that aspect made me very sad because I know it will never be possible. We could have a great existence if everyone just treated everyone else the same as they would like to be treated – (which includes not being trounced upon for their opinions.)

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