How to make The Purge a TV Show

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The third movie in The Purge series, Election Year, looks to bring the idea of the annual Purge to a close. It is a decent end to the series but rumours of a movie have started to circulate. This wouldn’t be the worst idea, particularly as the central concept of The Purge is a very creative one, ripe with possibilities. Below are some ideas to help bring the concept to the small screen and how you make The Purge TV series a success.

Start at the beginning

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The Purge: Election Year looks to bring The Purge to an end. What a TV show could do is explore it’s beginnings. Explain how The New Founding-Fathers came to power and how people reacted to the first ever Purge. It means each series afterwards can effectively build and get worse.

Make it a real time series

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The Purge lasts 12 hours. Make the series 13, real-time episodes, using the a similar format to the successful show 24. Give the audience the first hour, preceding The Purge, as people prepare, nervous and frantic and then explore each hour, in real time, really drawing out how long, scary and torturous a night like this could be.

New characters every season

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The Purge resets itself every year. The show could do the same. Maybe one or two recurring characters but fundamentally new characters each year too. One season could be the rich, another could focus on older characters or how kids react to the “freedom” The Purge gives them. New characters means a fresh show each season.

Make it realistic (and gory).

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It would have to go on Netflix or a cable channel not afraid to push the envelope for realism, horror and gore. Not blood and guts for the sake of it but the real experience of such a nasty night and what the effects could be. Don’t shy away from what makes the movies so popular: The horror.

Make it a satire

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The Purge is a satire, albeit a slight one with more of a focus on the scares and thrills than a clever story. A 13 episode series could do much more. There are some great ideas which are hinted at in the movies but lack development where a series could explore them further. At a time when radical political ideas are close to Office, why not use a show with such a radical concept to make some pertinent comments.

Overall, The Purge may have run it’s course in the movies but on TV could have some life. It is a concept worth exploring and an idea with a multitude of avenues, if handled correctly and smartly – by using the ideas above.

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A TV show could really work

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