Views from the Sofa 2017: The Resolutions!


Resolutions are a common part of bringing in the New Year and here on Views from the Sofa I like to set myself the same. These goals are achievable, try to link with making the blog (or myself) more successful and will be targets which give me some motivation to keep writing!

For starters, let’s look at how well I achieved last year’s resolutions;

Resolution 1: Watch 120 movies

Nailed it! In fact, destroyed this target with a huge 168 movies watched this year! This will feed very well into my movie target for next year…

Resolution 2: Post every day!

August 1st! August the 1st will go down in history as the day that I accidentally didn’t post anything. This was a computer error, with me not scheduling a post for that day but technically writing one. Technically, I achieved this goal! Honestly, I don’t accept it!

Resolution 3: Make some money from the blog

Nope! This will always be the aim but is becoming harder to achieve. Will keep trying next year though.

Resolution 4: Rate and Review My 100!

No. Again, another aim for next year and one I hope to achieve.

Resolution 5: Write a Script

Will I ever do this one! I have had this resolution for two years now and never find the time. Should I make it a resolution again?

2017’s Resolutions

Image result for 2017

Resolution 1: Watch 200 movies

A huge target but I was only just over 30 films off this time. A big ask but not impossible.

Resolution 2: Post every day!

I achieved this one (technically) but I want no doubt next year!

Resolution 3: Find a way to make money on the site

A slight change. I want to have the means to make money on the site, if not actually doing it, by the end of 2017.

Resolution 4: Rate and Review my Top 100!

I want there to be a definitive 100 movies by the end of the year. I already know what they are but I want them all watched and reviewed by the end of 2017.

Resolution 5: Write a script

Just so I can say I didn’t do it for a third year running!

Overall, five resolutions and aims for the year ahead. Some more achievable than others but none out of complete reach. I achieved one and a half out of five last year so I must be able to achieve at least three next year! Come back everyday to track my progress and have a Great New Year!

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