The IMDB top 250 movies challenge

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The IMDB top 250 is a list of movies compiled based on the ratings given by the members of IMDB – and I’m going to watch them all. There are some many “classic” movies which I haven’t seen or have seen but yet to review on the site. This is my “declaration” of the challenge.

The way it works is simple. I will start at number 250 and work towards 1. It is a list which can change at any time but I will just watch the movie that is at the next number and carry-on regardless.

The challenge isn’t in the watching of the 250 movies but rather in the time limit – which is a year! My plan is to complete the list by the end of the year. Luckily I don’t have to watch all 250 movies, as I’ve already seen and reviewed 56 movies of the top 250 films so only 194 to go. Considering my target was 200 for this year anyway, this will help focus my viewing.

Overall, the start of the IMDB Top 250 challenge begins. Any tips, hints or advice is welcome.

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The challenge begins!

5 thoughts on “The IMDB top 250 movies challenge

  1. copy the list today and use that one. because the top 250 changes so often, it’ll drive u crazy if not.

    good luck! looking forward to seeing what u have to say abt all of them!

  2. It is a difficult challenge, but luckily you have made sure to ignore changes in the list. I did it once (also watching the changed ones) and got very close….just checked and at the moment I’ve seen 222 of them. Enjoy, so many great movies in this list!

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