Oscars Month: Future Stars: Ruth Negga

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Future Stars takes a look at the actors, actresses or directors who are at the beginning of their career and ready to leap into super-stardom. They could have a few movies under their belt, be a TV actor trying to get to the big screen or a small-time indie director being given a Hollywood blockbuster.

Ruth Negga is clearly not at the beginning of her career but you’d be hard-pressed to remember what exactly she’d done in that career. That isn’t to say she isn’t memorable or has made an impact, just that she has been working consistently on the fringes of the “big time.”

A look down her filmography will see that she has been the support player for a long time. She chose her roles well though and starred in some genuinely great series, from Misfits to making a recurring appearance on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD. She was a memorable but fringe player in those shows until she managed to get two decent roles of her own


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The actress earned an Oscar nomination for her role in Loving


Loving is not her first major movie role, she has starred in many others from World War Z to the Warcraft movie, but it is the biggest profile she has had and the first Oscar nomination she has received too. It is a strange moment in her career because she doesn’t seem to have had the build that many other actors would have up to this point. Out of nowhere is a great performance and a deserving Oscar nomination in one of the stand-out categories.

Not that Ruth Negga has rested on laurels. To her credit, after taking centre-stage in a role which required quiet restraint and little grandstanding, her next move was to take on the fiery Tulip O’Hare in the Preacher series. This showed her range, playing a role which required action, sex-appeal and at least one-foot in the more gory and mature content camp.


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Preacher shows she has a darker edge to her


This is why Ruth Negga is one to watch for the future. She is clearly a very good actress, recognised by her peers and The Academy itself, and can only build upon this success. She can hold the screen ably, play the dramatic, if somewhat calmer roles but also hold her own in action movies or playing for an R-rated audience.

Overall, Ruth Negga will certainly be a big star. Her career so far has been full of solid roles in decent movies and TV shows. 2016 has been her “breakout” year with Preacher showing her darker side while Loving demonstrated potential Oscar-winning glory.


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On the cusp of superstardom?




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