My second Liebster Award


I got nominated for my second Liebster award by Prime Six (thank you very much). The idea is simple; I answer Prime Six’s 11 questions and nominate a bunch of blogs to highlight and bring attention too and then pose 11 questions for them. The questions I have been posed are hard too so here goes!

1 – Tell us about a film or game that has changed your life, what was it and why was it so impactful?

Although I run a movie related blog, it is easier to answer game. Not sure about “changing my life” but taking up most of my life is Football Manager. I spent plenty of well-used hours on that game and now actively avoid it because I don’t have that kind of time again.

2What is your dream job?

Movie Critic. Would love to get paid to watch and review movie.

3If you could live in a game or film world which would it be and why?

Any fantasy world. I love the simplicity of medieval times. Just being a blacksmith and living the easy life. Like being in Game of Thrones but not being anyone important.

4Tell us a film or game everyone hates but you like

I enjoy the movie Lost in Space starring Gary Oldman and Matt Le Blanc. I think it is underrated and has a lot of potential. Can’t understand why so many people hate it.

5Tell us a film or game everyone loves but you hate

There are so many of these. I don’t understand the fuss over a lot of movie. Raging Bull, Brazil or Rambo: First Blood are a few to name.

6What are some of your favourite YouTube channels or Twitch streamers?

I haven’t really got any. I quite liked Epic Rap Battles for a bit but haven’t watched it in a while.

7What should I do for my 100th post (2 posts away) and or my 1st year blogiversary (3ish weeks away)?

You’ve probably done your 100th post by now because you nominated me about a week ago. For your first year blogiversary you should recast your favourite movie with actors who are all under 35.

8 – Recommend a song to listen to

Anything by Muse. Namely Plug-In Baby

9Why do you blog, what do you want from it?

I blog because I am interested in movies and like to share my views and opinions. Not sure what I want from it other than some conversation – oh and fame and fortune!

10Why do we fall Master Wayne? (So we can learn to pick ourselves up!)

To teach us that skateboarding is a stupid past-time.

11Pitch your perfect game or film: if you had full creative control and a near limitless budget what would you make?

I would make a Judge Dredd sequel. I think that franchise has so much potential which is left untapped.

Those were my answers. Here are my nominees. I always nominate the most recent blogs I’ve followed: Consume and Review, Cinemuse, Mr Oliver, That Movie Nut and Jordan’s Movie Guide.

These questions are all 50/50 and movie related;

  1. DC Cinematic Universe or Marvel Cinematic Universe?
  2. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  3. Arnie or Sly Stallone?
  4. Steven Spielberg or Oliver Stone?
  5. Disney Classic or Pixar?
  6. Captain America or Iron Man?
  7. Freddie Kruegar or Jason Vorhees?
  8. Michael Bay? Yay or Nay?
  9. Jason Bourne or James Bond?
  10. Blog or Podcast?
  11. Movie or TV?

Overall, that is my second Liebster award completed. Thanks for the nomination and I look forward to reading my nominees responses.

Which one is better?


7 thoughts on “My second Liebster Award

  1. Haha well it would definitely not be fun to be important in Game of Thrones, then one can begin counting their days!

  2. 1) I really like tycoon games and strategy management but I don’t know enough about football to get invested. tips?
    2) You and me both 🙂
    3) blacksmith and easy life don’t sound like they should go together! An undoubtedly important profession nonetheless
    4) honestly hadn’t heard of it, fair enough
    5) WOW bold answers there! opinions amiright?
    6) they have some interesting and fun match ups
    7) Totally awesome idea!
    8) yeees muse
    9) Fame, fortune and conversation. Your autobiography has a title, thank me in the acknowledgements chapter 😉
    10) I feel like I want to argue against this but I broke a joint once so…

    Thanks for your answers, enjoyed reading them 😀

    1. Thanks for the responses. Great questions to answer.

      If you don’t much about football (or Soccer in the US) then you might struggle with Football Manager but I’ll never put a person off.

      Also can’t believe you’ve never heard of Lost in Space! It is a much despised movie but I have a lot of time for it if you can find it.

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