September on Views from the Sofa


It is the first of the month so let’s look forward at what the next 30 days have in store.

Every month has a different theme, this month’s is the franchise that just won’t die – The Fast and the Furious month. This means we look at all things fast and all things furious. We take a look at the career of Vin Diesel, examine rappers and acting, rank the set-pieces of the Furious franchise, as well as review all of the Fast films and a couple of others that have tried to imitate the speedy thieves.

September isn’t all fast cars and rubbish dialogue. It is also about reviews and Views from the Sofa will offer opinions on some of Summer 2017’s big hitters, including 2 superhero movies and the revival of an 80s classic for the big screen, as well as review some classics (and not so classics). There will be TV content as well so don’t worry if all you get to watch is the small screen.

All this and the usual 3 of the Best vs 3 of the Worst, Greatest Scenes, Trailers of the Week and the usual mix of views on movies and TV. Also take part in an influential poll that will be running each week.

Overall, *whisper it* Views from the Sofa is back (again) and hopefully staying around for longer than a fortnight. If not, feel free to be both fast and furious.


Image result for fast and the furious
Check back later for a review of the movie that started it all


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