Then and Now Month: The Launch!


It is the first of the month which means another theme launch! 2017 has seen a lot of movies and franchises offering reboots, re-imaginings, remakes or long overdue sequels. This month we take a look at some of the key examples of those that occurred this year and by the end of the month may come to a conclusion on whether movies should be left well alone or if twenty years is long enough to wait for a sequel.

That means we take a look and review movies old and new, from Ghost in the Shell, Beauty and the Beast, Trainspotting and even Power Rangers! The franchise of the month will be one which is also adding a new instalment after an extended break – The Pirates of the Caribbean.


Image result for power rangers movies then and now
We’re comparing the new with the old!


As well as these reviews we will pit some of the old and new against each other in Versus! I’ll discover how long I’d survive some key movies, including Alien and the new voice of the blog will be offering their opinion on movies in Views from the Wife.

All that and there is a new podcast to top it all off at the end of the month!

Overall, November begins with a look back and a comparison with now. Plenty of reviews, views and features to come so make sure you check-in everyday to see what’s new.


Image result for pirates of the caribbean movies
Pirates of the Carribbean is our franchise of the month!



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