Dwayne Johnson Month: Trailer of the Week: SHAZAM!

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Last week saw San Diego Comic-Con bring a huge manner of delights, movie news and cult TV shows to the masses. We already featured Glass which was debuted at Comic-Con but nothing this week has managed to improve upon another Comic-Con sneak peek.

DC is desperate for their output to improve. Marvel have never been better or bigger. Next summer will see Aquaman’s solo effort (which could potentially be next week’s featured trailer) and lesser known superhero SHAZAM! SHAZAM is one of the oldest comic book heroes and when you boil it down he seems ridiculous; a boy turns into a super-powered hero when he says the magic word Shazam.

Luckily, DC are playing for this laughs. They’ve cast Zachery Levi in the hero role and filled the script with self-referential, funny dialogue without seeming too corny. The fact it plays as a kid with super-powers and what they would instantly do also helps the appeal of the movie. The teaser below spells out why I’m so excited.

What else makes this seem so exciting is that it will be part of the DC Cinematic Universe. That isn’t quite as appealing as any new addition to the unstoppable Marvel Cinematic Universe but seeing this character rub shoulders with the likes of Batman, Superman or The Flash is an exciting prospect.

Overall, SHAZAM! looks like it could be a huge hit for DC next year, which they need if they are going to stand against Infinity War Part 2. It looks funny, unique and has a decent cast. Let me know your thoughts too.

(Oh, and how does this link with Dwayne Johnson Month? Eventually, SHAZAM will face-off against Black Adam, his principle and most famous villain, played by none other than Johnson himself. He has to be in this movie!!)

Dwayne Johnson will play Black Adam and face-off against Shazam (at some point!)

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