Trailer of the Week: Aquaman

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Aquaman has always struggled to be taken really seriously as a superhero. Robot Chicken did a very good job of highlighting his flaws, which included the orange and green suit, the ability to talk to fish and the general uselessness of a man who’s powers rely on water. The casting of Jason Momoa changed some of that and Aquaman is beginning to look fairly bad-ass.

The trailer showcases this well. Mamoa seems to be loving his superhero role and each scene is accompanied by him with a clear glint in his eye. Even elements of his character such as the ability to talk to fish and other sea-dwelling animals is made to look awesome in one aquarium set-scene.

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Mamoa brings the bad-ass back to the much shamed role

As for the underwater issues, these seem to be taken care of with some very cool world-building. Aquaman’s underwater kingdom is full of creative structure and the inclusion of not just his own race but at least three or four other races of people to rival his kingdom could make for some interesting story elements.

Anyone who is a fan of Aquaman will also relish the chance to see probably his most well-known villain, Black Manta, on-screen and looking at least faithful to the general comic book idea of what his character should be.

The trailer doesn’t do a great job of avoiding looking like a generic superhero origin movie and it does eventually become an action-fest to end, trying to tease you into attending the cinema screenings but there is at least enough here to pique interest.

Overall, one of the stronger elements of the less than great Justice League looks on a strong footing. Avoid being too dark and too generic and we could have another superhero powerhouse on our hands.

Image result for aquaman trailer stills
Making talking to fishes seem cool

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