Horror and Zombies Month: The Launch!

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It is the first of October and as is customary on Views from the Sofa, we are dedicating this month’s theme to all things horror. This month we will be splitting the theme. The first 15 days will be classic horror movies. Not necessarily the most popular but just good old fashioned scares.

The second 15 will be all things zombie-related. We will be looking at the classics, taking all things George A Romero as well as some other behemoths of the genre. This will include Shaun of the Dead and Train to Busan so check back each day for a dose of horror and the undead!

There will also be a podcast all about zombies and a View from the Wife about the state of modern slasher movies!

Overall, getting into the Halloween spirit with some classic horror movies. Today we will be kicking off the theme in style with Michael Myers 1978 debut so come back later to read my thoughts on that!

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Come back later for a look at the debut of Michael Myers

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