WW1 and Documentary Month: The Launch!

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Horror is well and truly behind us and this month we take a reflective look at a conflict ending 100 years ago this November. World War 1 is an event that hasn’t made it to the big screen as often as the Second World War but when it has it does so with some legendary movies. This month I’ll be watching movies ranging from classics such as All Quiet on the Western Front, through to Paths of Glory and more recent fare such as War Horse.

Alongside these fiction and dramatisations is the new Peter Jackson documentary They Shall Not Grow Old. This is a groundbreaking look at the First World War as Jackson has used new technology to colourise and bring to life old footage from the conflict, in line with the 100th anniversary of the Armistice.

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I will be reviewing classic documentaries like Capturing the Freidmans

As well as World War 1, I will be taking my annual look at documentaries. I will be watching classics like Capturing the Freidmans, The Thin Blue Line and Bobby Fischer against The World. There will be plenty watched and reviewed so come back to check it out.

Alongside this will be a random selection of the movies that I have watched and need to review. As always there will be frequent content through November so stop by to check it out or use the social media links below.

Overall, November is a look at the movies of World War 1 and other documentaries. Feel free to add suggestions of your own at the social media links below or just in the comments.

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Feel free to add your own suggestions for WW1 or documentaries below

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