The Wrestling Predict-Cast Terms and Conditions

The Wrestling Predict-Cast

Below are the rules, Terms and Conditions for The Wrestling Predict-Cast.

How it works;

The Wrestling Predict-Cast is a podcast which discusses and predicts each WWE and NXT PPV. The score from each round (excluding NXT PPVs which are bonus rounds) will be cumulative between the Predict-Cast hosts (Ben, Luke and Joe) and any returning participants who complete the Predict-Cast form regularly.

  1. By entering the Predict-Cast you are entered into competition to win Official WWE Merch
  2. The WWE Merch is at the Predict-Cast’s discretion and can not be swapped or changed.
  3. To enter you must complete the form, enter your Twitter Handle and follow @PredictCast on Twitter.
  4. The form is final and will not be changed after being posted.
  5. All matches are subject to change and any changes to the match card will void the match on the prediction form.
  6. All match card changes are at the discretion of WWE and The Views from the Sofa Network and The Wrestling Predict-Cast have no control over these decisions.
  7. Winners will be notified via Twitter by public post.
  8. The Winners will be contacted by Direct Message to gain details of sizes (in the case of T-Shirts) and shipping addresses.
  9. All prizes will be shipped directly from WWE Shop.
  10. The deadline for each Round’s competition is 9pm on the evening of the PPV in question. The specific date is found on the Prediction Form.
  11. The winner will be announced by the following Sunday after the PPV has been aired. The specific date is found on the Prediction Form.
  12. Participation is free. Entries are restricted to one per person. In the case of duplicated entries, the duplicated participant’s first entry will be taken as the participant’s official and only entry into that round’s predictions.
  13. In the case of a tie, the tie-break question will be used to decide a winner.
  14. The Tie-Break will always be to predict the length of the Main Event.
  15. The Main Event is defined as the last match that takes place on the event.
  16. In the rare case of a tie-break question not deciding a winner then all participants with the same entry will win WWE Merch.
  17. Nobody associated with The Views from the Sofa Network, their shows including The Wrestling Predict-Cast is eligible for the individual round’s prizes.
  18. By entering predictions in any round of The Wrestling Predict-Cast you are automatically included in The Wrestling Predict-Cast League. Entry into this is free.
  19. Repeat participants will have their scores accumulated and recorded.
  20. The Predict-Cast League winner will be decided and announced after Wrestlemania 2021.
  21. The prize for the Predict-Cast League is yet to be decided and will be posted here and on social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) once decided.
  22. Views from the Sofa Network and The Wrestling Predict-Cast have final decision on winners and prizes.
  23. Any questions please contact Ben @ The Wrestling Predict-Cast using Twitter @PredictCast

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