Downton Abbey (2019) Review

The British historical drama which balances soap opera style plots with the intrigue of a bygone time was due a revisit and this movie does a very good of bringing the characters back to our screens. In bringing Downton Abbey back as a movie, this film manages to be as ambitious as it needs to be, as well as offering something the long-term fans will recognise and enjoy. It isn’t without its faults though. From the outset, there is a comfortable familiarity with the Downton Abbey movie. The central characters all return and all fit comfortably back into their roles, … Continue reading Downton Abbey (2019) Review

The Farewell (2019) Review

Finding the truth and realism and shining a spotlight directly upon it has been a staple of cinema for a long time. This works particularly well when highlighting and showcasing cultural differences and The Farewell does this fantastically. The idea is a strange but apparently a very factual one; a wedding is “staged” to bring the extended family together to say goodbye to the Grandmother of the family, who is unaware that she is dying of cancer and the family want it to stay that way. From this description alone it feels like a quite morbid movie, and at times … Continue reading The Farewell (2019) Review