The Tourist (2010) Review

  When is the last time you saw Johnny Depp play a “straight” or “normal” role. What I mean by this is when is the last time he wasn’t covered in make-up, acting goofy or part of a cast/movie which required him to play an eccentric. Don’t get me wrong, Depp is fantastic in those roles. There is no doubting that Pirates of the Caribbean would be nothing without him and that he was clearly the best thing in Charlie and Chocolate Factory (even if his take on Willy Wonka wasn’t how I’d have interpreted it). I saw the new trailer for Dark Shadows, the new … Continue reading The Tourist (2010) Review

Salt (2010) Review

We need a female action star. Not necessarily the actress but a new, kick-ass female action character. Someone to carry a series of films that have the same excitement around them as Bond and Bourne. The closest we have so far is Milla Jovovich’s Alice from the Resident Evil series and I avoid those films like the plague after they took a clear, amazing game and film concept and ruined it beyond belief. Angelina Jolie has had a go at this before with Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider movies. They weren’t bad but they fall into the same pit as the Resident Evil movies, … Continue reading Salt (2010) Review