Alien 3 (1992) Review

As much as people dislike Alien 3, there are actually some very good ideas in there! The film tries a lot to be like the original and in some ways, achieves that much more than Aliens does. The main problem Alien 3 seems to have is that it doesn’t seem to commit to one great, key idea and instead tries to do too much with poor results. It’s a shame because the setting seems perfect. To set the film in a futuristic, completely male space prison is a great idea. It is a lot closer to the dark, enclosed and potentially … Continue reading Alien 3 (1992) Review

Aliens (1986) Review

It’s a brave move making a sequel to a film that changes the tone, overall pace and direction, compared to the original. It’s an even braver move when you consider how good the original film actually is. James Cameron does just that though. The original film was the perfect mix of science-fiction and horror. It was dark, slow and took its time to build the tension. John Hurt going through the alien nest, slowly and carefully, then the reaction as the egg finally opened, was just one example of how Ridley Scott managed to invoke the terror in the audience … Continue reading Aliens (1986) Review