Avengers Assemble (2012) Review

Think of what you wanted from this film – picture it on-screen, actually happening! Now open your eyes and see it because everything I wanted this film to include and hoped to see actual actors perform on-screen is included! Everything!

This review is going to be so positive that I don’t actually know where to begin! A couple of months ago I posted an article that compared the three big superhero films this year and weighed up their pros and cons. Avengers had me worried because it was a film that brought together superheros that struggled to tell their own story’s in just one film. (Iron Man even had two!) I was worried that there was no way all the characters would be treated equally and that it would turn into Iron Man 3.

Wait until you see what they’re looking at!!!

I’m an idiot! Marvel were genius with their plan here. At no point did they “retell” any of the origins of the characters for anyone that may not have seen the individual films. They trusted the audience. They threw us into each character with their own, single, amazing “introductory” scenes which laid the ground work and then quickly moved on to the important part of the film – the plot!

This was my second worry. There would be loads of cool moments held together by a thin, silly plot that would feel rushed and cheap considering the time we’d put into watching all these films. Again, I was so stupid to doubt what Marvel have done here. The story isn’t complicated but at the same time isn’t a rushed “excuse” to get all the heroes together. There is actually a story here and not just one that has the Avengers fighting an enemy in loads of set piece action moments but a story that develops their characters and gives most of the stars equal time and impact.

You want to see Avengers vs Avengers? We’ll give you Avengers vs Avengers!!!

That isn’t to say this film doesn’t have loads of action sequences worthy of The Avengers because it has so many it’s ridiculous. Everything I wanted to see these characters do is here and more. Not just Avengers versus villains but, as if someone looked into my brain when writing this film, Avengers versus Avengers… a lot of Avengers versus Avengers! I won’t spoil any here but the fights they have are well worth the admission fee alone. They don’t feel rushed or pigeon-holed in either which is testament to how well this is written.

The writing of the film is something in itself. To be able to capture each character and how they’d interact with each other so perfectly is amazing. Tony Stark is his usual, cocky, arrogant but witty self and when put up against Thor’s “Shakespearian” like dialogue it makes for brilliant scenes. Captain America’s “fish out of water” also makes for great moments and every “in-joke” concerning Bruce Banner and his alter-ego seemed to get a laugh everytime.

Even get to put the customary “sexy lady” picture in too!

The actors themselves are all effortless as their heroes. Robert Downey Jr is Tony Stark. Chris Hemsworth plays Thor as if its his fourth or fifth time of doing it and the biggest surprise for me is Chris Evans as Captain America. I always doubted he could pull it off, never really believing Chris Evans could be the morally-straight, authoritarian and leader of the Avengers. I wasn’t even that convinced after his own film but after seeing Avengers Assemble, I no longer have any doubts! The scenes where he stands up to and then leads the team show me that he is definitely much more Captain America than Jonny Storm.

The two new recruits to the Avengers hold their own and there is actually a very clever twist to help tell Hawkeye’s story and establish him as a character in the film. Black Widow gets enough to do to stop her feeling bolted on and included to stop this being too “male-heavy.” In fact she gets some of the coolest scenes in the film, particularly her first meeting with Mark Ruffalo’s Bruce Banner.

Give this character his own film!!!

I have also given up on any doubts I had here too, Mark Ruffalo is Bruce Banner. He didn’t try to play it like Ed Norton did but in fact gave us a new, better version of Bruce Banner. I’d even go as far as saying that The Hulk is the probably given the best moments in this film and if they don’t look at giving Mark Ruffalo a film of his own, they really are missing out on a golden opportunity!

Comic book films work best when they are as close to the source material as possible and I don’t think you’ll get any closer to “watching a comic” than you will with The Avengers Assemble. I haven’t even had chance to mention how brilliant Samuel L Jackson is as Fury or that Tom Hiddleston gives a perfect performance as Loki again as well. My only worry would be how they follow what is the perfect comic book film!

An actual comic on-screen! The best ever comic book film!

Overall, I can’t speak highly enough of how good this film was. I must have gasped, laughed, almost leapt out of seat and been thrown back into it countless times throughout this film. I was engrossed from beginning to end. Everything I wanted from this film I got and more. My only questions are 1. How can they top how brilliant this was and 2. If Avengers Assemble is this good – how brilliant will Dark Knight Rises be?

 Rating – 5!

(1 – Awful, 2 – Average, 3 – Good, 4 – Great, 5! – Must See)

The bars been set – high! What can you do now?!

22 thoughts on “Avengers Assemble (2012) Review

  1. I’ll be seeing this tomorrow night and will have my review up then. Sop glad everyone’s geeking out about how good it is. Makes me wonder if I should review it with my casual or cinema snob hat on.

    Thanks for tweeting the #SayNoTo3D tag by the way. Did you see this in 3D. My whole twitter thing was started because this is the second film in a month I’ve had to see in 3D because I’ve had no choice. I saw a 3D trailer for this in front of John Carter and it looked really poorly handled. Still, I can ignore that if the film is as good as everyone says.

    1. I was lucky enough to see it in 2D. Hate 3D, I’ve never known such a misused, overpriced gimmick. I wouldn’t mind if it was well done but most of the time it’s awful. The only time I’ve seen 3D done well was Avatar. Even Toy Story 3 felt like it had pointless 3D.

      It surprises me that there is no 2D option at your cinema though?

      1. What they tend to do is not advertise the 2d showings until the last minute. Obviously for a film like The Avengers you wanna book in advance. . Didn’t look like any 2D showings were on though. Just got back from the film. The 3D works in some places but the conversion and the general issues that come with 3D were all present.

      2. It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t also cost about three pounds more. I know thats not loads but at my cinema that makes a ticket at least a tenner!

      3. Makes mine £13 at least. I don’t live that far from London so prices are high. Oddly, last time I was in London Cineworld where only charging £6.50 a ticket and you had to pay 90p for the 3D glasses if you didn’t bring your own. That was for Alice In Wonderland. The 3D was terrible for that. Burton made no attempt to adjust for the conversion.

      4. I think most film makers see it as a nice way to add extra cash to their overall earnings for the film. It makes a film look a lot more successful than it really was! Its become the standard now. So pleased Nolan resisted for Dark Knight Rises!

      5. I really hope that film blows all the 3D releases out of the water with it’s ticket sales. Thing is though more people could go see The Dark Knight Rises than went to see Avatar and it still would struggle to make more money.

  2. Wow sounds great can’t wait to check it out! I have one main concern the Hulk, being my favorite comic book character hasn’t impressed me visually- i hope they make him convincing as a fully cg character. Also hoping we get to see a few more comic book villains besides Loki and the aliens they are fighting….pumped after reading your review!

    1. I think it definitely helps that Hulk is motion captured rather than completely computer generated this time. Be interesting to see what you think after watching it. Let me know your thoughts.

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