Month of Bond: The Launch

October 26th sees the release of Spectre in cinemas across the UK. In preparation for that momentous occasion, I have been watching ever James Bond film before Spectre’s release.

I have also decided to dedicate a month of the blog to all things Bond, from the songs to the girls, the gadgets to the many fine actors who have played the iconic spy. Over the next month the plan is to have two posts a day. A review of a classic Bond, starting tomorrow with Dr No. and general Bond related posts too (amongst the reviews of new releases and TV shows).

This means you’ll get some new 3 of the Best, 3 of the Worst, Career Peaks and What If’s, as well as everything else completely random. Hopefully you’ll drop by to read the Bond posts leading up to the date of the newest film and maybe Daniel Craig’s last outing as 007.

Overall, this is the official launch of Bond Month on Views from the Sofa. Drop by tomorrow for the review of Bond’s first outing and my first ever song review! 

Let’s hope it lives up to the expectation

8 thoughts on “Month of Bond: The Launch

  1. Sounds great Ben, I’ll be sure to stop by and check out the posts. And, funny as it may seem for me to say… I like the idea of not having all horror movie reviews during the month of Oct.! 😀

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