Countdown to Review 500!

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Views from the Sofa’s 500th movie review is almost upon us! The tradition with each 100th review is that it is a film which is Batman related. Seeing as 500 is a bit more of a milestone, this week will be a countdown to the 500th review – each a Batman related movie.

It will begin with newest Batman incarnation in Suicide Squad and end with my favourite Bat-Film and also favourite ever movie. Along the way will be a Burton film, a Schumacher (unfortunately) and a couple of animated features.

Overall, come back each day this week for some Bat-Film reviews and be sure to let me know what your views are on each of the movies chosen for the countdown!

A Bat-Film a day!

8 thoughts on “Countdown to Review 500!

      1. Tnx Ben. R u gonna join in on my upcoming movies from the hat series. All u need to do is recommended a film I have yet to review

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