Future Stars: Maika Monroe

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Future Stars takes a look at the actors, actresses or directors who are at the beginning of their career and ready to leap into super-stardom. They could have a few movies under their belt, be a TV actor trying to get to the big screen or a small-time indie director being given a Hollywood blockbuster.

It would be easy to look at some of Maika Monroe’s recent movie choices and think she was starting to take the easy route. Some of her earliest roles showed an actress with a lot of potential but when huge blockbusters and potential Young Adult movie adaptations come knocking, it would be a poor career decision not to take it.

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Monroe held her own in blockbuster Independence Day: Resurgence

This means that her choice to do the average and “dead-in-the-water” series The 5th Wave as well as the belated sequel Independence Day: Resurgence can be forgiven. To her credit, she still showed some potential in those roles, particularly in a movie so packed full of adrenaline as Independence Day was.

This post could be based on two particular roles alone. The Guest, a showcase for the burgeoning skills of Dan Stevens as well, showed a more vulnerable side, playing the periled victim but without any real sense of cliched “damsel-in-distress.” She was a “regular girl” attraction for Evans shadowy ex-soldier.

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It Follows was the movie which showcased her acting talents best

It was in It Follows that she really showcased her acting skills. Again, that realism shone through and it made for a gripping, creepy and excellent horror film and one of the best female performances of last year. This was down to how relatable Maika Monroe was as a character. As bizarre as the story and set-up for the horror movie was, the young actress managed to sell the realism and general fear that you would face in this almost inescapable situation.

If Maika Monroe can keep making the smaller, more personal and relateable movies then her career will begin to ascend further. On IMDB Monroe is currently linked to seven upcoming projects. One is the “Deep Throat” movie uncovering the Watergate scandal while another sees Monroe in a science-fiction, horror-esque role reminiscent of Omega Man or I Am Legend.

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Future roles could develop those acting talents further

These type of dramatic or grittier roles could be the key. Monroe doesn’t have the natural, superstar feel about her and that may play to her advantage, building her as a Hollywood powerhouse reminiscent of Jennifer Lawrence in her early career.

Overall, Maika Monroe is another Future Star to play close attention. She has recently dabbled with Hollywood franchise movies, to mixed response and success, but it is her more relatable, more “indie” roles, like that in It Follows, which could help develop her career further.

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Another future star to pay attention to

4 thoughts on “Future Stars: Maika Monroe

  1. Cool feature Ben. There is just a ton of talent you could feature here, so many names that need to be made more visible. Monroe is excellent, and I agree that she is better in these more indie roles.

    And just a quick clarification, it is Dan Stevens in The Guest. Not Evans.

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