Views from the Sofa Podcast- SofaPod 9: The Blair Sofa Project

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Another month and another Podcast, this time one with a Horror Theme! To poorly coincide with Halloween, me and Adam discuss all things horror, delving into what makes us scared, our favourite horror movies and answering the questions that really matter, for example: How many ways are there to kill a werewolf? Has Freddie Kruger killed more people than Michael Myers and would you watch the videotape from The Ring?

As always there are plenty of ways to listen below;


You can search and subscribe on iTunes or just follow this link to listen. 


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Overall, get involved. Download or stream the podcast and let us know what you think below. Next time we will be looking at the world of Found Footage so listen in to find out what you should be watching in preparation.

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How many ways are there to kill a werewolf?

You've heard my opinion, let me know what you think...

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