Views from the Sofa: A “Soft Reboot” (Part 2)


A “Soft Reboot” – Restarting a franchise, series or continuity but still acknowledging what went before!

A “Soft Reboot” (Part 2) – restarting a franchise, series or continuity but still acknowledging what went before – but doing it again very closely to the first one because the first attempt failed!

Views from the Sofa is back again! In February I attempted my first “soft reboot” and it went very well for a whole month. As is always the case with the “best laid plans,” life got in the way (life being my beautiful, new-born daughter and work) so after a month off, Views from the Sofa will reboot once again.

The idea of a “Soft reboot” still fits well because we aren’t starting again here at Views from the Sofa but we are adding some new features, giving the site an injection of life and changing aspects slightly.

What is staying the same?

100 Greatest Movie Scenes Logo.jpg

This blog began as a site for my movie reviews and that isn’t changing. As always, classic and new movie releases will be reviewed and you will be encouraged to share your views and get involved as well. This year will also see an increase in TV reviews, with many more classic and new series being analysed as well.

Add to this the podcast. The Views from the Sofa Podcast launched successfully last year and this year will see the audio delight become more regular and hopefully more interactive as it’s audience grows.

The classic features will return too. This includes 3 of the Best vs 3 of the Worst, Career Peak.

100 Greatest Movie Scenes will now become the Greatest Movie Scenes. Rather than restrict myself to 100, it will now be an ongoing, ever evolving and expanding list which be updated in it’s regular spot every Wednesday.

Adding to this will be the usual views on everything TV and Movies, be it reactions to casting and movie announcements or just a general rant on the state of the business today.

The Additions

Image result for imdb

Views from the Sofa will be changing and adapting all the time. The first major addition will be the Franchise reviews. This will be a review of a whole movie series, starting next week with The Harry Potter series and developing from there.

There are also two ongoing challenges. The Greatest Directors Blindspot Challenge continues and the newly announced IMDB Top 250 challenge is another movie milestone for you to track my progress of and help with any friendly advice.

Each month will also have a Theme. This can be a Theme Week, a Theme Fortnight or even the whole month itself. April will see me take on the mighty David Lynch as I immerse myself in his movies, TV shows and general excellence.

There will be two more new features. The first will be “Would I survive…” where I place myself in movie peril and see how long an overweight, Father of one History teacher would last. The second will be a weekly twitter and blog poll where we discuss the pertinent movie questions. As always with Views from the Sofa, audience participation is encouraged.

Review List Logo

That is why now is a good time to get over to the Reviews Page and let me know if there are any movie reviews you disagree with, as well as letting me know if I have missed your favourite movie or need to re-watch and reconsider a classic.

We also need your follows so find us on Facebook, Twitter and more recently Letterboxd.

Overall, the “Soft Reboot” of Views from the Sofa has begun again. Stop by everyday for a new post which will offer reviews and views and sometimes news on everything movie and TV related. 


Image result for spider man homecoming
If this guy can be rebooted three times in 14 years, I can reboot by blog twice in 3 months!


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