Trailer of the Week

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I love trailers. I think there is a special skill to putting together a good trailer. It must capture the attention and entice an audience but give very little away so that the viewer doesn’t feel like they’ve already seen the movie. Very few trailers master this but new trailers are released each week which try. Every Friday I take a look at a new release and choose the best and worst of the trailers. The film may not be very good but have a great trailer or the movie could be awful but the trailer does enough to get me excited.

The best trailers are often the simplest. Some trailers can do enough to get involved in a movie with just 30 seconds of footage and nothing more. Jurassic Park’s initial teaser trailer was a mosquito in amber while Alien was simply footage of the horror as the words of the title appeared. Although Wolfe isn’t anywhere near that kind of creativity, it actually achieves something much better with a simple, single man talking directly to camera.

It works so well because the story of Wolfe (I assume that is the surname of the individual involved) seems to be a compelling one. He only teases what the movie will be about and the simple animations to go with it help to pique your interest. You see the trailer and wonder where this film will go next – the perfect example of what a trailer can do best.

Opposite that is the worst trailer of the week. There were a couple of contenders but AWOL took the title. The trailer does nothing to get me interested in what this film is. It seems to be about two women who have a love affair that is complicated because one is married but that is about all I got from the trailer. The worst trailers are the type that just feel like an unconnected series of scenes which don’t explain anything or offer any type of story. Too many independent movie trailers go down this route.

Overall, two trailers which are at very different ends of the spectrum. One features a single man teasing at his wider and more complicated story, sucking in the audience while the other does nothing to draw you in but falls into all the independent movie trailer traps. Not bad for a week when the Blade Runner 2049 trailer was released.

Image result for awol movie 2016
The trailer didn’t convince me for AWOL


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