Month of Reviews: The Launch!

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The final theme of 2017 is a very simple one – all the films I’ve seen and have yet to review. 2017 has been an absolutely crazy month personally and the blog has definitely suffered. 2018 will see a resurgence and the blog finally get back to what it is supposed to be so in that spirit, as is always the case here at Views from the Sofa, my aim is to review all the films I have seen in 2017 in 2017.

There are only 23 films to go but I will be adding to that tally this month (probably with some Christmas movies, of course) so that tally could easily reach 31 so a review a day seems inevitable.

Luckily, as much as this is Month of Reviews, there will be three podcasts this month. The first will be published on Sunday, in time for your commute!

Overall, Views from the Sofa is finishing the year with a the one thing that inspired the blog in the first place: movie reviews. One a day, starting today and continuing everyday up to the beginning of the New Year. Stop by every day to read my thoughts and feel free to share your own, even if they disagree!


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3 Podcasts this month – you lucky, lucky people!


3 thoughts on “Month of Reviews: The Launch!

  1. Cool. I haven’t been as busy on My Filmviews this past year compared to the Dutch version of the blog, so I’ve started catching up and have been publishing a lot, so I know that feeling. Hope to get them in sync in a couple of weeks (hopefully before the end of the year).

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