Views from the Sofa 2018: The Launch!

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Happy New Year! Here at Views from the Sofa we always start the New Year with resolutions and aims. This year we are doing things slightly differently.

Rather than resolutions (which can and will be broken) this year Views from the Sofa is taking part in 4 separate film related challenges! The challenges will be ongoing, may or may not be beaten this year but will also give the site measurable progress and a focus for the film-related content.

The challenges are;

The Empire Top 100

Empire published an updated Top 100 movies this year (as voted by readers). There are no shocks except that I have only reviewed 37 of them. So the first challenge is to watch the remaining 63 by the end of the year.

The 2018 Movie challenge

The good people over at The Leisure Time Blog have come up with a 2018 movie challenge. It features a host of different catagories and means you have to watch a vast array of movies. There are 31 in total so it should keep me fairly busy.

The Post a Day challenge

Simple really. I must post one article/review or such on the site everyday. I have never managed it (missed by 1 day in 2016). So far so good!

The 100 movies challenge

Life got in the way last year and I managed to watch 76 films I had never reviewed for the site. This year I aim for a even 100.

Overall, there you have it! 365 days and 4 distinct challenges. I will update you with the progress every month but come back everyday for new content, as well as themed months, franchise, TV and Movie reviews, views, trailer picks and a whole host of other content. And as always, comment and recommend! Happy 2018 everyone!


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Have a good 2018 everyone!



2 thoughts on “Views from the Sofa 2018: The Launch!

  1. Late happy new year, sounds like you’ve got some interesting challenges ahead. I hope you rise to the occasion and tackle them with style and determination. I don’t think I have the time to blog and watch films to that degree anymore with work and my gaming obsession being in full swing at the moment haha. Anyway, good luck! 😀

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