Best of 2017: The Launch! (and I need your help!)

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2018 has started but the first theme of the new year is a simple one: Watching the ten best films of 2017! I missed a lot of movies that were released last year and want to make up for that by watching what the general consensus consider the top ten.

I have searched other movie blogs for their top tens, looked to Empire and Total Film and a host of other sources and now I am opening it up to you as well. On Sunday (the 7th of January) I will be announcing the top 10 people have voted for and will commence watching. All you have to do to help me is suggest a top ten of the movies you watched last year.

Your top ten can be any genre, released at any time. It can be theatre release, Netflix, Amazon or straight to DVD. Just a list of the best films that you watched in 2017 and I will create a top ten of the most suggested movies.

If you haven’t seen ten but have a few films you want to recommend, then add them to the comments below as well. All votes are welcome.

As always, there will be usual reviews, views and articles that we always have – starting with a review of a 2017 movie which blew me away and confused me in equal measure.

Overall, I am looking for the definitive top ten movies of 2017 and only you can help me. Comment below or put them in a tweet @viewsfromsofa or on but do it before Sunday!


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Get Out will be a strong contender


6 thoughts on “Best of 2017: The Launch! (and I need your help!)

  1. My Top Ten, in alphabetical order:
    – Baby Driver
    – Battle of the Sexes
    – The Big Sick
    – The Disaster Artist
    – Dunkirk
    – Free Fire (a controversial choice, I know)
    – Moonlight
    – Spider-Man: Homecoming
    – Thor: Ragnarok
    – Wonder Woman

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