Dwayne Johnson Month: The Launch!

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As well as launching the new-look Views from the Sofa we are also launching a brand new Theme Month for July. Since he stopped “smelling what  was cookin'” and started acting, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has become one of the biggest superstars on the planet. With a bank-ability that hasn’t been seen since Will Smith dominated very summer, Dwayne Johnson has demonstrated that there is still a place for old-school action-heroes and tongue-in-cheek comedy.

This month we will be dissecting the career of the actor formally know as “The Rock.” From his first headline role in The Scorpion King, through to the upcoming summer blockbuster Skyscraper. We will also discuss whether Dwayne Johnson’s career has peaked, who is the best “buddy” The Rock has ever had and which of his films so far is truly “The Great One.”

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This month will also include a review of Johnson in Skyscraper

As well as this, July will also be filled with reviews of other movies, major releases (including one containing a foul-mouthed superhero and another about dinosaurs and volcanoes) and as always there will be an episode of The Views from the Sofa Podcast (about Dwayne Johnson, naturally).

Overall, stop by every day for new content and help celebrate the biggest star in the world right now. Welcome to the new Views from the Sofa and welcome to Dwayne Johnson month.

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We begin later today with The Scorpion King

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