New Episodes of The Views from the Sofa Podcast!

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In the brief hiatus the blog had while I was consolidating and restructuring and all the other words you can use that makes this feel like a bigger deal than it actually is: The Views from the Sofa Podcast continued.

As well as a “normal” episode that contained the quizzes, top quality movie analysis and discussions around the world of cinema, Me and Dave also released two specials, one all about Solo: A Star Wars Story and the other counting down two, movie-related top 5s.

So we’ll start with the Solo special, which can be listened to below or downloaded if you search for Views from the Sofa in your podcast provider (that is a thing everyone has right?)

The second is a full, “proper” episode discussing Video Game movies. Dave and Ben discuss why they are usually so poor, have two quality quizzes and the first double punishment where both Ben and Dave deliver a “joint monologue” (?)

The last is the third special we have done. In Top 5s, Ben and Dave count down their top 5 deaths and top 5 “movies which shouldn’t have been made. If you love lists (and lets face it, who doesn’t love lists?) then this is the episode for you. Listen below or download wherever you get your pods.

Overall, three episodes of the Views from the Sofa podcast you may not have been aware of. You can rectify this, download, listen from the links or however else you get your podcast episodes and then rate, review and tell a friend!

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