Views from The Sofa: The Podcast – Top 5s (Part 2)

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Views from the Sofa returns with another Top 5s special. This time we discuss two Top 5s that many people will surely have an opinion about;

Top 5 Action Heroes and Top 5 Bruce Willis movies.

Some of the choices are controversial and at one point I wonder whether I should even be doing a Podcast with Dave when he values so Bruce Willis so little….

We also cover more serious topics, like the struggle for women to be taken seriously as Action Heroes and why that is (and whether it will change).

Overall, plenty to get your teeth into and plenty to discuss to ensure you let us know what you think of our lists, give opinions on who we missed and why. You can also suggest future Top 5s for us to cover. Follow the links below for social media contact.

As always get in touch below with a comment but also like our page on Facebook (Views from the Sofa) or follow us on Twitter – @viewsfromsofa

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