Trailer of the Week: Glass

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This could potentially be one of the movies of the year. Unbreakable is one of my favourite films and potentially the best superhero origin story ever while Split won the Views from the Sofa award for movie of 2016. Glass brings these two worlds colliding together.

If you haven’t seen Split yet, stop reading now and go watch it!

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Go watch Split!

Great… you’re back. Ever since it was revealed that Split took place in the same universe as Unbreakable, you realised the potential of bringing Willis’ David Dunn against McAvoy’s The Beast. It also sates the appetite that many people had for an Unbreakable sequel which sees Dunn embrace the superhero within him. Add Jackson’s Mr Glass for good measure and you have one of the most compelling movies of next year. Watch the trailer below;

There is plenty here to digest. The three principle characters seem to be in an asylum, Dunn seems to have embraced his superhero persona (but this hasn’t gone down well) and Jackson seems to be a full blown villain (almost Lex Luther like). There is action, violence and even the return of Anya Taylor-Joy from Split. McAvoy is also looking as incredible as he did in Split as his multi-personality Beast.

Overall, Glass is shaping-up to be an impressive, world-colliding superhero movie that could do what Marvel can’t: add realism to an incredible concept. The teaser gives little away but some of the imagery here does enough to show you this could be incredible.

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This movie looks brilliant

2 thoughts on “Trailer of the Week: Glass

  1. Great write-up yo. This was one of my favourite trailers revealed during Comic-Con, there’s so much potential for awesomeness in Glass. I remember the first time I saw Unbreakable and I thought it was one of the most incredible things I had ever seen just because it was so different and unexpected. And when I saw Split and the ending with David Dunn mentioning Mr Glass, I was like “Holy crap! This is tied to Unbreakable!”

    This trailer just makes me giddy and I’m just so curious to see how to everything pans out.

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