Love and Monsters (2020) Review

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The biggest strength of Love and Monsters is the world it builds to place the story and characters within. Love and Monsters builds an Earth where radiation has meant that the smallest creatures become overgrown, terrifying monsters which roam the planet. This means that there is a ton of possibilities for creature design, group dynamics, apocalypse setting and of course, a very simple love story.

It is the love story which is, of course, at the core of Love and Monsters. Its one with appeal as well. The scene is set well as our hero Joel, played by Dylan O’Brien, finds himself detached from his teenage sweetheart Aimee, played by Jessica Henwick. The initial scenes set-up their relationship well and the couple is believable, meaning you are rooting for them and completely on Joel’s side when he decides to leave the safety of his “bunker” and head over-ground to find Aimee’s colony.

Love and Monsters (2020) - IMDb

What follows is the kind of “wandering through the apocalypse” that we have seen many times before but this version is as creative and exciting as most. For starters, it has this great blend of mild horror, action and suspense. The creature design is brilliant, from under-ground worms which terrify, massive snails which will charm and a genuinely nerve-wracking moment in a pit full of creatures. There are set-pieces galore throughout, from chases, sneaking and taking on the monsters directly and all are well-realised and staged perfectly.

As with any of these types of movies, it relies on the human element as strongly as the monster one. O’Brien’s Joel is a likeable hero. Out of his depth but slowly learning and adapting so that his journey to confident monster-fighter seems believable. Along the way he meets Michael Rooker’s Clyde and Ariana Greenblatt’s Minnow, who help Joel with his quest, give him the basics and add some more charm to a film which has plenty. Each character is distinct and interesting and as you discover their individual back-stories, you find the world they belong to being fleshed out even further.

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This all adds to the heart of the movie. There is a great love story at its core and alongside the horror and the action, there are also plenty of moments which will pull you in with genuine emotion too. You desperately want Joel to reach Aimee and although I’m avoiding spoilers here, you find yourself urging him towards the finale.

That finale is full of twists and turns and unexpected moments. True love never runs a smooth course. As with many movies of this ilk though, the ending also feels a little too concerned with prospective sequels. It sets itself up for a nice resolution but then adds a lot of stilted, half-told stories which feel they will need another movie to resolve.

Overall, Love and Monsters is a great comedy, horror and action movie with plenty of heart. It builds a great world with plenty of potential, from the fantastic characters or the inventive creature design. Although the ending is slightly too forward facing, there is plenty you’ll love about this movie.

Rating – 5!

(1 – Awful, 2 – Average, 3 – Good, 4 – Great, 5! – Must See)

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