P!nk: All I Know so Far (2021) Review

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A good documentary, particularly music ones, can entertain those that are not even fans of the artist or subject. Granted, that is harder to do when aspects of the music documentary are also concert footage, but the experience of being on tour, particularly for some so family orientated as Pink, should add enough to interest those with little more than a passing curiosity.

Unfortunately, there is little here that will entertain anyone other than the fans. That’s fine and arguably that is who the film is for, but it does mean that you get a slightly “self-indulgent” vibe from the film as the movie doesn’t really have that hook that this sort of documentary needs. It would have benefitted from a whole retrospective look at the star’s career, telling the tale of her rise to stardom and filling in gaps the casuals would be interested by and the fans may not have known. Perhaps there is already a film out there that does this but if so, that’s even less reason for this documentary to exist.

Pink: All I Know So Far': Film Review – The Hollywood Reporter

That’s not to say that All I Know So Far doesn’t have something of interest to offer. This does give a very in-depth and unrestricted access look at how the tour is put together. This does have some great elements, from the risk of using the high-wire, putting together and changing choreography at the last minute (to fit the venue) and the way that Pink tries to balance raising kids and making a marriage work, with being a pop-star. The issue is that after you see these elements for the first 40 minutes or so, the rest of the film offers little that is new.

Overall, Pink: All I Know So Far is a good (not great) documentary for Pink fans but offers little to the passing film watcher. It doesn’t have the all important hook this sort of movie needs and although the behind-the-scenes footage is in-depth, it doesn’t do anything we haven’t seen better elsewhere.

Rating – 2 (add 1 more star if you are a fan).

(1 – Awful, 2 – Average, 3 – Good, 4 – Great, 5! – Must See)

Pink shares trailer for upcoming new documentary 'All I Know So Far'

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