Sibling vs Sibling: Who does it better? (Part 3)

In the last two days I have tried to find a pattern between acting siblings. Does the brother always beat the sister? Does the older sibling always trump the younger? So far, after ten pairings, nothing has been concrete. So with one last attempt I take three more acting families and compare. This time things start to get complicated… and closer!

Zooey Deschanel vs Emily Deschanel

Let us start day 3 with a pair of TV stars. Before I started the list I wasn’t even aware that these actresses were sister. At first glance you would assume Zooey is the more successful but her star has fallen to the level of her Bones starring sister.

Zooey had a very promising movie career, with roles in 500 Days of Summer, Elf and The Happening. Now Zooey seems content with her own sitcom, being (the worse) part of the ensemble cast in New Girl.

Emily has never really had the huge success that her younger sister has but is an American household name in crime drama Bones. If you placed them together now, it would be difficult to fully separate and find a conclusive winner.

Winner: Draw!

Mary Kate and Ashley Olson vs Elizabeth Olson

In the early nineties there wasn’t a kid that didn’t know of the Olson twins. Full House launched their career and then a host of different straight-to-TV kid friendly shows, using their twin status, helped Mary-Kate and Ashley become household names.

It was a brave move for younger sister Elizabeth Olson to shun the “Mickey Mouse” image of her older sisters and go down the serious, often darker movie route, with Martha Marcy May Marlene or Kill Your Darlings. It wasn’t long before Hollywood came calling and turns in Godzilla and now as one of The Avengers launched her career into the stratosphere.

In comparison, Mary-Kate and Ashley are happy to be business moguls, with fashion lines, perfumes and a career in the social scene rather than the movie business.

Winner: Elizabeth Olson (by default).

Chris Hemsworth vs Liam Hemsworth vs Luke Hemsworth

At first glance this seems like a done deal but it won’t be that way for long. Chris is at the top of the Hollywood A-List, with his superhero status as Thor, developing franchise as The Huntsman as well as turns in award bait films like In the Heart of the Sea. 

His youngest brother, Liam, is catching up quick. Already wrapped on his own big franchise in The Hunger Games, Liam has also starred alongside Kate Winslet in The Dressmaker. This year sees him step into the Hollywood blockbusters with Independence Day: Resurgence.

Lagging far behind is middle brother Luke. Having starred in a string of TV shows and unknown movies, he hasn’t really capitalised on the Hemsworth names his brothers have made so famous. There is still time yet though.

Winner: Chris Hemsworth (for now!)

Overall, as I predicted at the beginning of day one: there is no pattern! This was still an interesting exercise in examining the different career paths very similar people can take and how easy it is for one sibling to reach for the stars while the other makes a credible career as support. Maybe The Hemsworth will deliver the first truly major, equal, Hollywood stars.

The first sibling superstar equals?



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