Spielberg on World War 2 – The Launch!

Steven Spielberg knows World War 2. He clearly wasn’t there but he has produced movies and TV shows which have brought the era to life successfully and realistically. You could argue that his work on the historic event is the best there is, making it not just accessible but also informative, teaching while entertaining. If nothing else he manages to bring moments like the D-Day landings to life like nobody else.

It doesn’t just stop with war movies either. Spielberg has been involved in one of the greatest TV shows to document the event, as well as a documentary which accompanies his series. It is also a conflict he returns to, with the more recent The Pacific showcasing another side of the war.

Nobody knows World War 2 like Spielberg


Views from the Sofa will be documenting his work on World War 2, from the gritty, realistic and impressive, down to the awful attempt to capture the “funny-side.” This week will be posts, reviews, articles and such related to the World War 2 work of Steven Spielberg.

It also influenced episode 2 of the Views from the Sofa Podcast! This months is a war theme so follow the instructions on the post link and get yourself over there and subscribe!

Overall, Spielberg on World War 2 is launched! Check back everyday for a new post and feel free to comment on any reviews, views and such with your own opinion on the directors take on the world-changing conflict.

I even have to review this…. mess!

7 thoughts on “Spielberg on World War 2 – The Launch!

  1. I watched “1941” when it aired on Brazilian tv on the 80´s. I loved the music so much that i bough the vinyl record “John Williams: By Request”. John Belushi was a very funny man.

    Well, “Saving Private Ryan” was a cruel masterpiece, a real heavy metal movie that i watched only once, it was too much for me, i mean, the slow stabbing scene. Nightmare fuel.

    Now “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is my all time favourite movie, watched it more than 100 times over the years.

    Recently i watched that “Saving Private Ryan” wannabe….that tank movie with Brad Pitt. I wish i hadn´t. I guess i missed the point of that movie.

    1. I haven’t seen Fury but it is on my “to watch” list. I didn’t like 1941 at all and the music definitely didn’t do as much for me as it did for you.

      Saving Private Ryan is a masterpiece as you said though. Great movie.

  2. “Fury” is 300 with a tank, with all the cliches on board, plus a very unconfortable rape scene that kills the already dead mood. I wish i could unsee that movie.

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