Trailer of the Week: Mary Queen of Scots

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I love trailers. I think there is a special skill to putting together a good trailer. It must capture the attention and entice an audience but give very little away so that the viewer doesn’t feel like they’ve already seen the movie. Very few trailers master this but new trailers are released each week which try. Every Sunday I choose one of the better recent, new release trailers I’ve seen. The film may not be very good but have a great trailer or the movie could be awful but the trailer does enough to get me excited.

As well as a huge movie geek I’m also a but of a history geek as well. That is why when movies like Mary Queen of Scots comes along, I jump at the chance to see how well it could be made.

Related image
Robbie looks great as Elizabeth


From my knowledge of this period, the story should be amazing. The life of Mary Stuart (Queen of Scots) essentially plays like a soap-opera/drama anyway, with murder, sex and scandel.. all during the reign of one the most interesting English Queens.

Once you add Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie, you have a clash which could be monumental. You can see how good both of them look in the roles below;

The issue is that as a history geek I can already see some inaccuracies and this film seems to be re-writing history a fair bit but for an entertaining period drama, it could be the one to watch later this year.

Overall, if you like history, drama and two actresses at the top of their game, you could do a lot worse than Mary Queen of Scots. Or the trailer anyway, which makes the movie look fairly epic.

Related image
Epic, if not a little historically inaccurate

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