Trailer of the Week: The Predator

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Predator is one of the 80s greatest action movies. Unfortunately, the sequels have mostly disappointed, never capturing the great writing, tense action and hunter/hunted feeling of the jungle set original. Luckily, Shane Black is on writing and directing duties and from the look of it, The Predator could bring the classic 80s alien up-to-date.

Black seems like a very good choice. For starters, Black actually faced The Predator himself in the 80s original. From a behind the scenes perspective, Black has proven himself to be both an accomplished writer and an able director. His work on films like The Nice Guys and Iron Man 3 prove that he can handle the action but also bring some character to the players in the movie, other than allow them to become faceless fodder for the killer alien.

The trailer itself is full of great dialogue, cool action and some fairly creepy scenes. All of this should hopefully allay any fears of a repeat of Predator 2 or Predators. The trailer is below;

Warning: This is an R-Rated trailer and contains scenes of violence and bad language.

You’ll have spotted some key members of the cast too. I think Tom Jane is highly under-rated so it is great to see him included and ever since The Newsroom, I have had a soft spot for the acting talents of Olivia Munn. The others seem notably low-key enough to be clear Predator-bait.

Overall, The Predator looks like a promising move in the right direction for the classic 80s franchise. Hopefully with Shane Black at the helm it can be much more like Arnie than Danny Glover.

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There is hope for this up-to-date reboot yet

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