Views from the Sofa: The Podcast – Top 5s November Special

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In lieu of a full, proper episode, Dave and Ben decide to celebrate the great, often overlooked month of November with 2 special Top 5s. First they take a look at the Top 5 films to have been released in November and then a countdown of the Top 5 films starring musicians.

You’ll find out this episode which Christmas movie gets two entries, why Mark Wahlberg doesn’t count as a musician and witness the poor attempt by Ben and Dave to make it up to their mate for forgetting to record a special message on his wedding day!

Overall, subscribe, tell a friend and get involved. Let us know what your top 5s would be, whether you agree with us or just want to say hi. The social media links are below!

Image result for aladdin
Is this the best movie to be released in November?

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