When was their Career Peak? – Jennifer Aniston

Career Peak – The point in an actor, actress or director’s career when they have given their best performance, reaching a point they will probably never match again!

The idea is to examine a persons film or television career and decide when their career peak was; the moment that they gave their best performance or produced their best work. This could be with their first movie; it could also be yet to come. Its designed to spark friendly debate too so if you don’t agree (or do, which would also be good) then feel free to add your suggestions below.

Cake felt too much like Jennifer Aniston’s attempt to win an Oscar (or at least a nomination). Although the film wasn’t quite up to the standard, the performance was very good. Aniston has clearly shown she can act but you do wonder if there will ever be a movie or even a TV show which will rekindle the spark she clearly had on the most famous sitcom of all time.

Jennifer Aniston – Career Peak: Not Yet!

There is that one performance still in Aniston. She has proven she can act and there are plenty of great performances in her back catalogue. Friends had it’s moments and proved that she is clearly an adept comedy actress but this then forced her into possibly the worst acting direction: Romantic Comedies.

There was nothing wrong with the romantic comedy movies that Aniston made but they became very stale and interchangeable. Picture Perfect, She’s the One or The Object of my Affection hardly broke the movie mould and it felt like Aniston was floundering (like many of her Friends co-stars).

Aniston went toe-to-toe with Carrey

There were moments that carried slightly more weight though and soon Aniston felt she was being more picky in her roles. She went toe-to-toe with Jim Carrey in Bruce Almighty, clashed with Vince Vaughn in The Break-Up and shared the screen with a dog in Marley and Me.

It was The Good Girl which demonstrated that there was more to Aniston than just the comedy and romance. This was a heartbreaking, dramatic role which couldn’t be further away from her character of Rachel Green. Unfortunately, although critically acclaimed, Aniston didn’t use this momentum.

She needs to avoid movies like Horrible Bosses (2)

Recently it feels like Aniston is either stuck in the generic comedy role or playing support player in huge ensemble casts. She is great in Horrible Bosses, should never have done an Adam Sandler film and feels lost in movies like She’s Funny That Way.

Cake felt like Aniston showing again, for only the second time after The Good Girl, that she should be taken seriously as an actress. It can only be a matter of time before this chance comes around again. Cake not being the huge success that people probably hoped shouldn’t then lead to the actress going back to the comfort of poor comedies like Horrible Bosses 2.

Cake proved she has heavyweight acting talent

I predict that at some point that role will emerge. Jennifer Aniston will get the starring character which demosntrates her talents in a film worthy of them. This should then open the doors to the dramatic roles she seems very capable of taking on, if she were given the chance.

Overall, Jennifer Aniston hasn’t hit her career peak. Her career so far has been too safe and focused too much on poor comedies or generic romantic movies than proper dramas. Cake and The Good Girl demonstrate that she has the acting talent to pull off a heavyweight role and hopefully reach her true career peak.

More films like The Good Girl

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