Why you should be watching Taskmaster

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Every now and again you find an absolute gem of a TV show. A TV show which hooks you so instantly that you want to watch as much of it as possible. If you’re lucky, like I was with Taskmaster, there are plenty of seasons and subsequently plenty of episodes to watch.

Taskmaster isn’t a binge-worthy drama like Stranger Things of Game of Thrones. Taskmaster, for lack of a better word, is a game show but one with celebrity contestants and bizarre prizes. The celebrities are usually (although not restricted to) comedians. They compete with each other over the course of a season to complete strange, logical, creative and usually very funny tasks set by the almighty Taskmaster (more on him later).

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Alex Horne devised the show and the tasks

The tasks are fantastic. They are set by the on-screen “dogsbody” Alex Horne. Horne created the show and his tasks are brilliant. They vary from the simplistic (eat an egg as fast as you can) to the more complicated (create the best stop-motion animation in an hour). The fact that it is comedians doing these tasks means that the results are usually very funny and what is better is that they are hugely competitive and really want to win, even if the prize is just a massive trophy shaped as the Taskmaster’s head.

Which brings us nicely to the final piece of the show’s success. Greg Davies plays the Taskmaster and takes to his role perfectly. He treats it with the perfect amount of seriousness, judging fairly when required but also mocking contestants when they deserve it. He is also very funny and has a great sense of authority that means you can believe he is a “Taskmaster.”

Image result for taskmaster Dave show alex horne
The “contestants” take the show very seriously

Best of all, the series has six complete seasons, a couple of specials and is filming the seventh season now. Each season has new contestants and they boast some of the best British (and sometimes elsewhere) comedic talent this country has to offer. The tasks continue to innovate and because of this, it is a show which seems to continue to grow in strength as the series continues.

Overall, Taskmaster is a gem of a show if you can find it. Funny, interesting, innovative and entertaining: it has great talent involved and a competitive edge which keeps you watching. It is also on a channel called Dave, which is nice!

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An entertaining and hilarious TV show

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